Canadian vocalist/composer Kari van der Kloot has quickly developed a loyal following in her current base of New York City.  Described by Roseanna Vitro as “ethereal”, Kari’s music brings the listener deep into her world, putting the lyrics on full display and exposing layer upon layer of vulnerability and intimacy.  The current iteration of the Kari van der Kloot Quintet features a stellar cast of working New York based musicians: Lisanne Tremblay on violin, Jamie Reynolds on piano, Gary Wang on bass and Nathan Ellman-Bell.  Living somewhere in the space between jazz and folk, one never knows quite what to expect when hearing this quintet perform: you might find the whole band singing in four-part harmony, or you might hear a completely free dialogue between the voice and violin.  Every moment tells a unique story with the Kari van der Kloot Quintet.  Kari’s debut album “Seedling” was released in 2016 and she is currently working on her second album, planned for release in early 2020.  Kari also did a limited release of single direct-to-vinyl recordings for Leesta Vall Sound Recordings in late 2018.

Throughout her career, Kari has given many acclaimed performances as a vocalist and pianist in a wide variety of ensembles across Canada, the US and South Korea.  She has appeared at many well-loved venues such as Cornelia St Cafe, Rockwood and Williamsburg Music Centre in New York.  In Seoul, South Korea, Kari frequently performed at Baekam Concert Hall, Palm and Chicago, and was also a featured performer at the Gangjin  International Festival.  In addition, Kari has appeared at the Banff Rocky Mountain Festival and has performed at the Rex Jazz and Blues Bar in Toronto.  She has shared the stage with musicians such as Seamus Blake, Kenji Omae, Lauren Falls, Jamie Reynolds, Melissa Stylianou, May Cheung, Ernesto Cervini, Ted Quinlan, Mike Downes, Lisanne Tremblay and many more.  Kari graduated with her masters in jazz voice performance from Queens College in New York City, as well as her bachelor in jazz voice performance from University of Toronto.  She has studied with Grammy nominees Kate McGarry, Roseanna Vitro and Mike Mossman, as well as JD Walter, Charenee Wade and Heather Bambrick.

Kari’s jazz choir and jazz orchestra arrangements have been performed by the Queens College Jazz Orchestra, the University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra, the University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble, the Humber College Vocal Jazz Ensemble, the PaekChe Institute of the Arts Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the O’Neill CVI Vocal Jazz Ensemble.  Two of her arrangements can be heard on the University of Toronto Vocal Jazz Ensemble’s album “Songs of Life”.  Before moving to New York, Kari was a highly regarded professor of jazz voice at PaekChe Institute of the Arts in Seoul, S. Korea.


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